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“We believe the smallest details have the power to make a significant difference.“


We are CX experts who skillfully intertwine the creativity of the event world and luxury hospitality’s exclusive art of service.


Hailing from over 15 years of experience in hotel concierge services and the events industry, we are a consultancy experience that creates remarkable customer experiences for your VIPs.


We draw on our extensive expertise in managing VIP speakers, politicians, celebrities and CEOs and apply unique customer experience strategies to accompany your VIPs from the moment they receive their invitation to the end of your event. As visionaries, we pay meticulous attention to the smallest details of an experience and make it our duty to ensure your participants feel like privileged guests.


We are masters in the art of creating emotions to personalize your attendees’ experience and our priority lies in our commitment to guaranteeing an exceptional event for your VIP guests, both in a virtual and hybrid setting.

OUr signature products

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let us take care of your vips

With the rise of virtual events, we are noticing very little difference between the journey of a virtual standard guest and a virtual VIP guest. An investment into a virtual VIP ticket is more than receiving exclusive content or longer access, it is about receiving an elevated, luxury experience that will take your breath away even on a virtual stage. This is why we designed the Event Virtual Concierge solution.

Our team of experienced event concierges expertly manages the journey of your virtual VIPs, making them feel special and taken care of before, during and after the event. We skilfully master the VIP journey logistics as well as build thoughtful, personalized relationships with your guests along the way. Our attention to detail and emphasis on authentic, human connection will be the highlight of their experience and will help to secure their future investment in your upcoming events. 

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When it comes to creating exceptional experiences, we know how excellence is executed and measured.

In order to create an impactful and successful experience for your participants, it is imperative to understand how their experience at your event rates against others in the global event industry. This is why we have developed our signature .Bajouk Participant Experience Rating so that we can effectively evaluate every detail of your event and compare your overall CX performance in both virtual and hybrid settings.

Our team of CX experts then use this rating to address the areas of your event needing immediate attention. We draw on our unique customer experience strategies to improve your score allowing your event to be rated at the top of the industry.

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Our curated experiences to enchant your VIP guests

Virtual Speakeasy

The Virtual Speakeasy - We bring the magic of speakeasies to the virtual stage and offer a secret space for your VIPs within the event platform. Just like a real speakeasy, their experience will be surrounded by a cloud of intrigue and exclusiveness and once inside, your guests' journey through this mysterious, virtual space will be guided by their very own private concierge. 

No speakeasy experience is complete without unique cocktail and culinary delights, so delivered straight to their door will be a hand-selected VIP food and beverage offering. We partner with luxury brands and establishments that are currently closed to the public, making this experience incredibly exclusive and one of a kind. It is this skilful meeting of the virtual and physical worlds that makes The Virtual Speakeasy an experience that will impress even your most seasoned VIP guest.

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Our curated experiences to enchant your VIP guests

Luxury Escape

In the midst of a pandemic, the concept of escape is almost utopian now that travel is restricted. However, we believe that it is still possible to offer your VIP participants a safe way out of the house, whilst still feeling like they are being looked after and catered to in an exclusive way.

In partnership with our many hotel alliances in the luxury industry, our Luxury Escape offering allows your VIPs to experience your hybrid or virtual event in a hotel nearby. Our concierges organise every detail from the reservation, to the delivery of room service and the set up of your guest's computer station to optimise their participation in the event. Make your event the reason why your guests treat themselves to luxury.


Moments when we made people happy 

“We collaborate with Simon and his team for EY Innovation Realized events to ensure that our attendees’ experience is an exceptional one. His attention to detail transforms every aspect of the customer journey into a unique and emotional experience. We believe the human aspect of our events allows us to differentiate ourselves in the market of business events!”

Amanda Whitlock

EY Director, Global Strategic Events and Experiences 

“For the past 2 years, Simon and his team contributed greatly to building the foundations of the Participant Experience department at C2 Montreal. Thanks to his attention to detail and his consumer-centric vision, the customer experience is now at the heart of all our projects and new initiatives.”

Richard St-Pierre

Founder, C2 Montréal 

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